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  • 300 to attend aviation students event
  • 18 panellists wil dicuss aviation issues
Alexandra Slabutu and Bridget Corry of IASA

Alexandra Slabutu and Bridget Corry of IASA

Irish Aviation Students Association Aviation Symposium 2016 takes place on Friday at the Crowne Plaza Dublin Airport and anticipates 300 attendees including students from secondary and third level institutions and industry professionals.

IASA is a non-profit association, established last year by a group of third level students from various colleges across Ireland with the goal of nurturing closer relationships between students, academia and the industry.

In doing so, their vision is to discover and develop opportunities that will contribute to the continuous success of aviation in Ireland.

Andrei Jatariu and Carl Lynam of IASA

Andrei Jatariu and Carl Lynam of IASA

The theme of their event this year is Nurturing talent and innovation in the Irish Aviation Industry, Topics such as education, big data and entrepreneurship will be discussed and debated by a group of 18 panelists.

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Last year’s theme that focused on a more generic view across the opportunities available in the aviation industry.

The aim of this is to provide students with a larger view on how dynamic and complex aviation industry is and how they could accommodate new opportunities.

Event sponsors include Aer Lingus, AWAS, Irelandia Aviation, IAA, PWC, A&L Goodbody, ISTAT Foundation and CAE Parc Aviation.

  • See IASA website here
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