Areas wins catering contract for Copenhagen Airport

  • Areas wins contract to begin operating concession catering at Copenhagen Airport.
  • The company operates in 13 countries across Europe, the US and Latin America.

Areas, which is a global concession catering brand of Elior Group, has won a contract for Copenhagen Airport.

From March 2017 the brand will offering catering solutions at a point of sale owned by Danish brand RETREAT; the potential customer base is 26m passengers travelling through Copenhagen annually.

Areas specialise in bio-health food products, specifically gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian food; the point of sale will be in the reserved zone of Copenhagen’s Terminal 3.

Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport

Alexandre de Palmas, CEO of Areas in France and in northern Europe, said: “This first foothold in Denmark serves to underpin Areas’ expansion strategy, announced in early 2016. This penetration into the northern European market underscores our ability to identify the innovative concepts that attract major international airports.”

Areas is the market leader in concession catering in France and Spain and operates in 13 countries worldwide across Europe, the US and Latin America.




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