Aer Lingus continues to outperform sister airlines as IAG reveals effect of power failure


Aer Lingus continued to outperform its sister airlines in IAG – British Airways, Iberia and Vueling – with revenue passenger km (in millions) at 1,985 for last month compared with 1,794 in May 2016 – a rise of 10.6pc. RPK is an airline’s way of measuring the volume of passengers carried.

Year-on-year Aer Lingus’ RPK was 2,495, compared with 2,249 in 2016, a jump of 13.7pc. That compares with BA’s rise of 2.1pc, 5.9pc at Iberia, and 8.4pc for Vueling. And Aer Lingus’s seat capacity rose 13.7pc year-on-year, against 1.2pc for BA, 2.4pc for Iberia and 6pc for Vueling.

The figures are the latest from IAG, which also revealed that the recent power failure at British Airways caused the cancellation of 479 flights (59pc of operations) on May 27 and 193 flights (23pc of operations) on May 28. By May 29, the airline was flying the vast majority of its schedule, IAG

Willie Walsh, head of IAG

The airline group added that “an independent investigation will examine every aspect of the power failure. British Airways is working hard to compensate affected passengers as quickly as possible”.

IAG also said that its transatlantic low-cost carrier, Level, will increase its fleet to five aircraft next year. It said Level’s sales are “well ahead of expectations in all markets” with more than 134,000 tickets sold since its launch on St Patrick’s Day.

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