Aer Lingus one of first three airlines to join IATA’s platform to combat turbulence

  • Aer Lingus one of first three airlines to sign up
  • Turbulence management scheme will be live by 2020

Katya Vashchankova speaking at IATA Global Media Day

Aer Lingus is among the first airlines to commit to IATA’s new turbulence sharing platform.

Delta have already provided live data, and United and Aer Lingus are the next two airlines to contractually commit to the platform, Katya Vashchankova told the IATA global media day in Geneva.

Aer Lingus have recently installed Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) and aircraft interface device (AID) systems.  AID is supplying avionics data into the EFB where a turbulence reporting software is installed.

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IATA launched their new turbulence aware data platform at the event and say it will be operational by 2020. “turbulence is not just an inconvenience,” it is the leading cause of injuries to cabin crew and passengers in non-fatal accidents.

“It costs airlines millions of dollars a year in diversions, injuries and event fuel burn as pilots seek alternative routes.”

She said recent technological developments now enable aircraft to accurately calculate the turbulence state of the atmosphere in flight.”

“Subjective pilot reports of turbulence may be inaccurate and hours old. Weather data is used for turbulence avoidance related to thunderstorms but cannot detect clear air turbulence.”

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“This is a game changer,” Gilbert Lopez IATA’s safety and flight operations VP said. :Current aviation meteorological tools are not enough, reports are subjective and  can depend on aircraft size and pilot experience, and forecasts can be many hours old and potentially inaccurate.”

Journalists from 70 countries, attended the event, including Travel Extra.

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