Astronaut John McBride pledges: I want to to be the oldest man in space

  • I want to to be the oldest man in space
  • Jon McBride vows to break John Glenn’s record of 77 years old

Third generation Donegal Astronaut Jon McBride told invited travel trade and media at an event in Dublin promoting the Kennedy Space Centre that he wants to be the oldest guy to go into space, beating John Glenn’s record at the age of 77. 

He said a  good strong science programme leads to a strong economic position. The most, profitable technological ventures and successful educational standards were the highest they have ever been in the 1960s and 1970s when we were building the Apollo programme.It cost a lot of money but it generated a lot of money. 

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More importantly for travel and tourism it was McBride who persuaded the Kennedy Space Centre to use astronauts fr their tours of the visitor centre. “It took me two years to persuade them,” he says. They tried it for a week, and now we have 40 astronauts on a roster. We have tours twice daily and a dine with an astronaut programme.” Jon draws up the roster. 

The next challenge is Mars


is there life on other planets? I am pretty sure there is.

Looking down on earth strengthened my faith


I never met Yuri Gagarin, I have met Alan Shepard

Memories of the Gemini programme

Ireland always has been in my blood

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Memories of the Mercury seven

The dream of the Apollo mission, a crew of three launched into space

JFK’s ‘go to the moon’ challenge of 1961 showed a vision that has never been matched since.

Naval flying is the most exacting kind of flying

Memories of applying to become an astronaut & astronauts he has known

Memories of the Space Shuttle chase team

How the Challenger programme evolved from four to seven member crews

Training for space on the Vomit Comet

Training for space in the diving tank

Memories of first space flight to launch at night

Want to lose two and a half gallons of body fluid? Go into space

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Memories of the View from Space, including Ireland

Shuttle landings Florida v California

Encountering gravity on your return from space

Admiration for the Chinese space programme

Lessons in sustainability from Space

The complications facing travel to Mars

Jon McBride: the full talk

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