CIT veterans launch Zephyrus & plan to grow from 21 to 75 aircraft



  • CIT veterans launch new leasing platform:
  • Zephyrus plans to grow from 21 to 75 aircraft

Damon D’Agostino of Zephyrus

Dublin and Fort Lauderdale-based Zephyrus Aviation Capital has hired two  CIT Aerospace executives to expand its 21-aircraft platform up to 75 aircraft within 18 months. and is acquiring  older, predominantly narrowbody, leased aircraft and actively pursuing additional acquisitions.

CIT Aerospace president Tony Diaz and former CIT Aerospace CCO Damon D’Agostino have joined the company as chairman and president & CEO and plan to turn Zephyrus into a “full-service platform,” and said older and end-of-life aircraft leasing and trading “plays to our strengths and historic experience.”

Tony Diaz of Zephyrus

Zephyrus Aviation Capital is the aviation business of US-based Virgo Investment Group, which has been investing in aviation since 2010. Zephyrus specializes in older aircraft, as well as engine leasing and trading. It has completed over 850 aircraft sales, leases and deliveries over the past decade.

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