Dublin airport launches service to help people to find their cars in airport car parks

  • 4,000 people could not find car in Dublin airport car parks
  • spend between 20 and 45 minutes looking for their cars
  • App now allows people to tag car park location

Siobhan O”Donnell of Dublin Airport

Eleven people a day, or one out of every 170 customers, need help to find their vehicles, according to Dublin Airport.

The DAA has launched a service to help confused holidaymakers where people can tag where they park on the Dublin Airport app. They will offerh car park-specific luggage tags at bus stops for people to fill in row and zone that they have parked in.

Dublin Airport spokeswoman Siobhan O’Donnell said the scheme was being “very well received and is being used throughout the car parks”.

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Over the year 4,000 travellers were unable to remember where they parked and needed help from airport officials to find their vehicles. People spend between 20 and 45 minutes looking for their cars, and often find them with the assistance of officials who can track them down once they know what time and date the vehicle entered the car park.

There are 18,600 parking spaces across three colour-coded long-term car parks at the airport on the north of the city.

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