Enrollment beginning at the Wizard School of Ashford Castle

  • Magic-themed weekend at Ashford Castle
  • Two nights bed, breakfast, dinner, for two adults and two children from €1,900

Wizard School at Ashford Castle copyIt is time to go back to school, but somehow we don’t think the children will be that disappointed. Ashford Castle is offering their yearly Wizard School this Halloween, a magic-themed weekend for families, from 1,900e (including 2 nights bed and breakfast and two dinners).

For the adults there is tennis, golf, cycling, and billiards, a cinema with jarred sweets and popcorn, and complimentary wifi. Once you’ve been exhausted by all that there is also a solarium, sauna, and relaxation pool.  But that’s not what you want to know about, is it?

For the school there is a treasure hunt in the Forbidden Forest, a cookery school to keep the house elves in your family up to scratch, activities like the ‘Chamber of Witchcraft & Wizardry’ and the ‘Chamber of Art’, and Harry Potter movies each evening.  And all this in a medieval castle with different parts dating from different periods spanning hundreds of years.

Whether you hail from Hogwarts or the Unseen University, a little intercollegiate collaboration can’t help but be useful. And there’s no doubt the kids wil pay attention at this school.

Jody Halsted of irelandfamilyvacations.com: “For the kids Ashford Castle became Hogwarts as soon as we entered our room. School welcome letters, wands, and Gryffindor robes waited on the bed with the Wizarding School schedule.”

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