Irish Rail bans alcohol on more trains heading to Galway and Mayo

  • Going alcohol-free from Friday, October 12:
  • 11:25hrs Heuston to Galway
  • 13:25hrs Heuston to Galway
  • 15:35hrs Heuston to Galway
  • 14:45hrs Heuston to Westport

Alcoholic drink will be banned on more train services from Dublin to Galway and Westport after Iarnród Éireann said it has received “persistent complaints from customers about regular instances of anti-social behaviour connected to excessive alcohol consumption onboard”.

Irish Rail

The alcohol ban will come into effect on October 12, and customers boarding these services in possession of alcohol will have it confiscated and no alcoholic beverages will be sold by catering staff on the trains.

Details of the alcohol ban will be clearly displayed at stations and customers booking online will be notified during the reservation process.

These services are in addition to the following services that have been alcohol free for some time:

  • 13:00hrs Galway Heuston on Sundays
  • 13:15hrs Heuston Waterford on Fridays
  • 15:10hrs Heuston Waterford on Fridays
  • 12:40hrs Waterford Heuston on Sundays
  • 15:10hrs Waterford Heuston on Sundays
  • 18:05hrs Waterford Heuston on Sundays

An Iarnród Éireann spokesperson said: “The vast majority of customers who wish to enjoy an alcoholic beverage onboard our services do so without impacting in anyway on their fellow passengers, but unfortunately there is a minority that do over indulge, particularly those travelling in large groups, who can disrupt others in a negative way. There have been high volumes of complaints of such behaviour on these services so we have taken the decision to ban all alcohol from them.”




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