Mainland Europe drives growth to Dublin Airport’s 31.5m passenger record (and why it was really 30.4m)



  • Europe up 7pc to 16.3m
  • Britain up 1pc to 10.1m.
  • Transatlantic is up 16pc to 4m.
  • Asia, the Middle East and Africa is up 17pc to 1m.
  • N Atlantic transfer passenger numbers are up 18pc to 1.8m.

Dublin airport passenger numbers 1948-2018

Dublin Airport reported 31,495,506 passengers in 2018, up 6pc. Originating and arriving passengers reached 29.4m and  another 2.1m were transfer passengers (who were double counted, 1.05m bodies). Short-haul numbers are up 5pc to 26.5m, long-haul numbers are up 15pc to 5m..

There were 16 new routes at Dublin Airport last year – including new services to Beijing, Hong Kong, Montreal, and Seattle – and capacity increases on 22 existing services, as airlines added flights and deployed larger aircraft on some of their Dublin routes.

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This year, Dublin Airport will welcome 19 new routes. New long-haul destinations include Calgary, Dallas-Fort Worth, Minneapolis-St Paul, and Hamilton, Ontario. The short-haul network is also expanding, with scheduled flights to new destinations such as the Sardinian capital Cagliari, Kyiv, and Gothenburg.

Daa’s poroposed capital investment programme involves a  €900 million capital investment programme to deliver new boarding gate areas, aircraft parking stands and many other significant improvements. The plan includes €200 million in airfield works and annual investment of €120 on repair and maintenance and revenue generating projects.

Dublin Airport  claims it supports or facilitates 117,300 jobs and contributes €8.3bn to the national economy.

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