Majorca joins the World Tourism Organisation 


The Spanish island joined the world’s leading tourism organisation to ensure sustainable, safe tourism development during and post-Covid, writes Shauna McCrudden

Some good news for one of Ireland’s favourite travel destinations! Majorca has joined the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) as an affiliate member through the Majorca Tourism Foundation (FMT), becoming a part of a tourism organisation of great international importance. Membership to the organisation is based on the actions undertaken by the destination to place the island at the forefront of sustainability, health and safety. 

In its welcome speech in Majorca, the UNWTO highlighted the importance of working together to help foster tourism recovery and mitigate the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic is having on the sector amongst its 500+ affiliated members. Majorca’s place within the international tourism market is enhanced by its membership of the UNWTO due to the Majorcan Government’s priority to place the island in the forefront of the sustainable and safe management of tourism destinations. 

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The FMT is currently processing the destination’s application for its Sustainable Tourism Observatory network, which is promoted by the UNWTO. Their objective is to support the continuous improvement of sustainability and to support the resilience of the tourism sector through the systematic and regular monitoring of the results and impact of tourism. Majorca will be just the second destination in Spain to have a Sustainable Tourism Observatory, the eighth in the EU and the 31st worldwide. 

Majorca has also applied for the ‘UNWTO.QUEST’ certificate, acknowledging the quality and excellence of leadership in tourism destinations. This award would rigorously ratify fundamental aspects such as health and safety in the destination, strategic planning, and vision and tourism quality in the entire value chain, as well as the regulation of the tourism sector. 

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Good luck to Majorca, as they will be the very first tourism destination management organisation in Europe to receive this accreditation. It is a distinguished award that is only granted by meeting key performance indicators for management, leadership and efficient governance. 

For further information on how Majorca is keeping up-to-date with its sustainability efforts and how it is staying safe during Covid-19, visit 

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