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  • Ryanair will make bdining ofer in December to buy Alitalia
  • Ryanair are not ‘about to buy’ Alitalia

Michael O’Leary CEO of Ryanair says his airline will be just one of 10-12 parties making binding offers for Alitalia.

Speaking at a press conference in Swords, Michael O’Leary said: We have made two non-binding offers for Alitalia. There is a process of which we are in the foothills. There is a third round of offers due to be made by people who are interesting in investing or acquiring Alitalia.  It will be the first round of binding offers, due to be submitted by the end of December. We are certainly interested in buying Alitalia. We are one of ten to twelve parties who will be submitting offers for Alitalia. We are not about to make an offer but it may take four to six months for those offers to be reviewed. 

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