Modest 4pc growth plan sustains Poland as Ryanair’s seventh biggest market

  • Ryanair grows to 16 based aircraft
  • 17 new routes will take total to 210
  • Poland now Ryanair’s seventh biggest market

Ryanair launched its biggest ever schedule from Poland for summer 2019 with two additional based aircraft at Warsaw Modlin and Krakow and 16 Polish-based aircraft in all.

There are 17 new routes, Modlin to Amman, Kiev, Lviv & Marseille, Bydgoszcz to Glasgow & Kiev, Gdansk to Barcelona & Kiev, Krakow to Amman, Bordeaux, Hamburg, Kiev & Lviv, Poznan to Cork, Kiev & Stockholm, Wroclaw to Kiev.

This means 210 routes in total, through Ryanair’s 13 Polish airports. Polish traffic will grow by a modest 4pc (half of the network average) to 5m customers (cited incorrectly as 12.5m elsewhere in the press release).

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Ryanair says it hopes to double its traffic at Warsaw Modlin Airport from 3m to 6m customers pa. The written press release says: the growth and development of Modlin is being unfairly and unlawfully blocked by the competing Chopin Airport and its owners, PPL.  Ryanair has already lodged a complaint with the EU and has also made a written offer to co-finance or invest in any new infrastructural development at Modlin needed to allow it to grow and offer low fare choice and competition to high cost Warsaw Chopin airport.

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