‘Do not put your hands on my flight attendant’ and other strange tales from the world of travel


Stallions travel at the front of the Emirates B777 that transported the Irish horses to the Rio Olympics so they would not be distracted by the mares at the back. If the airline is to believed (shaggy horse story?), the horses watched the Horse Whisperer from their choice of 2,500 channels on the Emirates inflight entertainment system (biggest screens in the sky (23 inches wide for the stallions n business class and 13.3 inches wide for the mare sion economy).

eoghan six one news july 27 2016Minister Charlie Flanagan warned pregnant women from travelling to the Rio Olympics, but at 1,000 fans the Irish support at the games will be the smallest since 2008. The prospects of Zika in southern Florida also led to an updated warning from the DFA. Watch here Eoghan Corry on the Six-One News. Listen here to Eoghan Corry of Travel Extra’s comments on the Neil Prendiville show at the start of the Zika virus outbreak.

  • Do not put your hands on my flight attendantWatch here the moment a pilot pinned a drunken passenger to the floor after allegedly assaulting cabin crew.
  • Twelve foreign tourists being escorted by an army convoy in western Afghanistan were ambushed by gunmen The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. The group was traveling through the Chesht-e-Sharif district of Herat en route from Bamiyan and Ghor. Their route is notoriously dangerous.
  • Four of 23 of Channel 4’s contestants on the TV Eden show quit the shoot on a remote Highland peninsula on the west coast of Scotland due to midges.
  • Searches for nudist beaches in England are up 52pc, according to the Daily Express.
  • A five-year-old boy died after being struck by lightning at Carova Beach, North Carolina.
  • A flash mob of 200 people sparked a terrorist attack panic in Platia d’Aro, Spain.
  • Research by private jet charter Magnus Aviation found that 12,000 pets have flown in business aircraft in Europe in H1 2016.




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