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Travel News from the Aviation Industry December 20 2015

Rules for drones come into force tomorrow (December 21), meaning drones weighing 1kg or more will have to be registered with the Irish Aviation Authority. Registration is free until February, when a €5 fee is introduced by the IAA. Picture shows Ralph James of the…

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Travel News Headlines December 20 2015

The first packages for Euro 2016 were released by David Slattery’s Euro 2016: €1989pps for three matches. The FAI will receive an allocation of 13,000 for Ireland’s first game against Sweden at the Stade de France, just 6,000 at the Stade de Bordeaux and 7,000 for the final…


Top International Travel News December 20 2015

Walt Disney World, Florida installed metal detectors and banned toy guns and costumes for over 14s after a visitor tried to bring a gun into the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World last weekend. The Ryder Cup is going to Italy. The next four Ryder cup venues are …

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