Revealed: The holiday destinations that are the most popular amongst Irish tourists for 2023


Irish-based insurance experts, Chill, have discovered the destinations on the rise for 2023, reports Clodagh Dooley

As we enter a new year, most of us are figuring out what we want to do and achieve in the year 2023, including travel goals and bucket list destinations. (I, for one, have a number of travel destinations on my own bucket list, including New York and Florida in the USA, Portugal, Greece, Thailand and Indonesia!)  

With one of the most powerful passports in the world, Irish tourists can visit over 100 countries without a Visa, but which of these countries are people most eager to visit?

Insurance experts Chill, have discovered which destinations are the most popular amongst Irish tourists and the countries on the rise for 2023. Using, Chill analysed search volumes in Ireland for the Visa-free countries those with Irish passports can travel. They then ranked these volumes from high to low to determine the most popular:

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The 15 most popular holiday destinations for Irish tourists

RankSearch TermMonthly Search Volume
1Spain flights2,400
2=Greece flights1,900
2=Italy flights1,900
2=Malta flights1,900
2=Portugal flights1,900
6=Iceland flights1,600
6=Thailand flights1,600
6=Turkey flights1,600
9Croatia flights1,300
10=Cyprus flights880
10=France flights880
10=Morocco flights880
10=Poland flights880
10=Singapore flights880
15=Germany flights720
15=Mauritius flights720

With an average of 2,400 searches per month, Spain is the most in-demand travel destination for Irish travellers. With a relatively short flight time, great weather, and beautiful beaches, it’s no surprise that Irish tourists have Spain at the top of their travel list.

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European countries dominate the top spots for the locations with the highest search volume in Ireland. From their close proximity to the lack of Visa requirements thanks to the Irish passport, enjoying the culture and scenery Europe offers is a no-brainer!

The top 10 holiday destinations on the rise

RankSearch TermSearch Increase
1Czech Republic flights+600%
2=Luxembourg flights+324%
2=Hong Kong flights+324%
4Singapore flights+285%
5=San Marino flights+200%
5=Senegal flights+200%
7Belgium flights+179%
8Mauritius flights+177%
9Thailand flights+164%
10Trinidad and Tobago flights+150%

The countries with the most significant search increase in Ireland are all across the world, from Asian destinations like Thailand and Singapore to African countries such as Mauritius and Senegal.

The destination with the highest search increase is Europe’s Czech Republic, with a yearly increase of 600% in Ireland.

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This increase could be due to the lifting of COVID restrictions, resulting in a higher year-on-year search increase for countries further away. 

Travel insurance options  

Ireland has one of the most powerful passports in the world, meaning the holiday destinations Irish travellers can choose from is very high. However, according to expert Neil Curry at Chill, travel insurance must always be a priority.

“Regardless of whether you’re travelling around Europe or across the continent, it’s vital you have adequate travel insurance,” says Neil. “The higher your cover level, the more you’ll be compensated should something go wrong. Some common items such as missed departure, personal luggage, and cancellations are covered by all policy levels. Other items like card fraud are only covered by gold and platinum.”

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