Ryanair carried record 139.2m passengers in 2018, up 8pc



  • Second biggest airline in Europe after Lufthansa group
  • Load factor is highest in history of aviation

Ryanair’s annual passenger numbers

Ryanair carried a record 139.2m passengers in 2018, up 8pc on 2017, and achieved an industry leading average load factor of 96pc for the first time.

They achieved the highest annualised load factor in the history of aviation with 96pc. December load factor was 95pc and passengers numbers with 10.0m (95%) on Ryanair and 0.3m (93pc) on Laudamotion, which it acquired in August. Ryanair’s December 2017 growth rate had fallen to 3pc as the airline coped with pilot rostering problems.

The Lufthansa group is certain to retain its position as Europe’s largest airline having carried 132.42m passengers to end November.

Ryanair’s monthly passenger numbers since 2013





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