Ryanair numbers hit European record of 13.1m in a month as growth slows dramatically to 4pc

  • European record of 13.1m
  • Growth slows to 4pc

Ryanair passed the European record for the number of passengers carried in a single month with 13.1m in July.
Rolling annual traffic to July grew 7pc to 133.5m customers, also slower than the 9pc achieved in the early months of 2017.  Load factor once again reached an industry record of 97pc, the fifth month this elusive figure has been reached.
Not since the glory days of Aeroflot under the Soviet union has a single airline carried as many passengers in a month.
But growth slowed dramatically to 4pc, due, the airline says, to ATC staff shortages, adverse weather and unnecessary pilot and cabin crew strikes which caused over 1,000 flight cancellations in July compared to just 23 cancellations in July 2017, when passenger numbers grew by 11pc.
Ryanair has been dealing with 11 separate industrial disputes in eight countries caused by pilots and cabin crew in the aftermath of their recognition of unions in December. 

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