Ryanair seeks partners for accommodation and homestay launch on October

  • Deadline and terms for October 1st launch
  • Seeks partners for new style accommodation product
  • Requirements include homesteads as well as hotels
  • Plans to ‘disrupt travel industry’
  • Huge market of 116m customers will prove attractive to OTAs and bed banks but can they offer homestays?
  • License has been obtained for school holidays programme

kenny roomsRyanair is inviting bedbanks and accommodation providers to submit proposals to become partners in Ryanair Rooms, which it describes as a low price accommodation offer, from 1st October next.

The appeal includes homestays, which suggests that most existing OTA’s or bedbanks cannot meet the requirements of the airline without combining with a peer-to-peer provider like Airbnb. Kenny Jacobs says there are twelve likely partners, including Priceline with potential to take up the contract.

Ryanair Car Hire was launched in partnership with CarTrawler last August, and the Swords-based airline has something similar in mind., but in a more complicated part of the industry.

Kenny jacobs singing partnership deal with Andre Manning of Booking.com in 2014

Kenny Jacobs publicising Ryanair’s partnership deal with Andre Manning of Booking.com in 2014

Since November 2014 Ryanair has partnered with the world’s dominant OTA Booking.com which has 550,000 hotels on its database. Its press release at the time claimed that Booking.com “offered 25 types of accommodation.”

Its first hotel partnership was with Sarah Newman’s ill-dated Needahotel.com (oftensibly a reseller of Octopustravel) which powered Ryanair.com hotels until the contract was terminated in 2007. A contract with Expedia ended in a contentious court case.

The airline says the new product will offer its 116m customers “the widest choice of hotel, hostel, B&B, holiday villa and homestay options” And widen the range of accommodation it offers to customers beyond just hotels to include hotels, hostels and B&Bs and homestay/villas and other ‘room’ offers, claiming “all will be at the lowest possible prices for Ryanair customers.”

Ryanair’s Kenny Jacobs said: This will be the latest digital improvement delivered by Ryanair Labs, under the “Always Getting Better” programme, which includes a best-in-class personalised website, and dynamic mobile app.

More and more customers are looking to Ryanair for products other than flights, and we see this as a natural progression towards Ryanair.com becoming the Amazon of air travel.

“Ryanair’s low fares revolutionised air travel for Europe’s passengers – now Ryanair Rooms will offer consumers the biggest range of accommodation, including hotels, hostels, B&Bs, homestays and villas, via the Ryanair.com website, but all with the same lowest prices we guarantee with our flights.

It also echoes the change in demand from customers for different types of accommodation, which in turn will be reflected by the varied range Ryanair Rooms will offer, from five-star hotel rooms to independent homestay. We look forward to receiving proposals from interested partners who want to help us disrupt the travel industry once more.”

Ryanair school groups was recently granted a license by the Commission of Aviation Regulation. A Ryanair holidays product, mooted by both Michael O’Leary and Kenny Jacobs as possibility in 2018, is also being considered as a partnership scheme.

See press release here.

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