Ryanair’s latest cabin baggage changes come into effect

  • From November 1, the 10kg bag can no longer be placed in the hold for free.
  • Ryanair has a new, €8 fee for 10kg check-in bags – which must be checked in at landside bag drop.
  • Duty Free bags unaffected, says DAA.


Passengers flying with a small suitcase will now have to pay for the privilege under the latest Ryanair baggage rules, the second change this year.

Flagged well in advance, it follows the decision in January to allow passengers who had not bought priority boarding to take a “personal bag”. Under the ruling, a second, larger bag, weighing up to 10kg, could be put in the hold free of charge.

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But Ryanair said because of the volume of bags being tagged at boarding gates, flight departures were disrupted.

Passengers now have to pay €8 to check in a 10kg bag, but passengers who pay for priority boarding (maximum of 95 per flight) will continue to be allowed to take both a “personal bag” and small suitcase as hand baggage.

There will be a €25 fee for non-priority customers who turn up at the gate with a bag that is larger than the bag-sizer allows. However, this fee will be waived for the month of November as the change is introduced.

Ryanair insists it does not expect to make more money from the new rules.

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Dublin Airport told Travel Extra that the rule changes don’t affect duty free bags. “Passengers travelling on Ryanair flights can continue to shop and bring their purchases on board with them,” the DAA said.
“If passengers don’t need to bring their shopping with them they can also avail of The Loop’s free Shop & Collect (when travelling in the EU),  leave it behind at the airport and collect on their return.

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