Summer of (some) discontent: eleven strikes and how Ryanair is coping

  • Strikes in eight markets
  • Ryanair succeeded in flying through all of the strikes to date

Ryanair is facing industrial action across eight of its 37 markets with unions of various size and effectiveness. here is a summary
Aug. 10: Swedish Airline Pilots Associationplan to strike, citing management’s failure to meet union representatives for more than eight months. The Belgian Cockpit Association (BeCA) called on pilots to strike on the same day in support of their colleagues in Ireland.
Aug. 3: IALPA stage a fourth one-day strike, causing Ryanair to cancel 20 flights. The airline has already responded to the Irish action by making good on a threat to move jobs away from any bases impacted by the stoppages, beginning with Dublin where it cut its winter fleet from 20 to 16.
July 31: VNV in the Netherlands back the Dutch Airline Pilots Association ALPA call for industrial action in a vote the unions calls a necessary “wake up call” in negotiations.
July 30: Vereinigung Cockpit pilot members in Germany overwhelmingly vote to strike and give the airline until August 6 to make a better offer after talks on a collective labour agreement ended without the progress the Vereinigung Cockpit pilot union sought.
July 25/ 26:Cabin crew in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Belgium staged a two-day strike that forced Ryanair to cancel the flights of more than 50,000 customers.
July 24: Ryanair cancelled 16 of around 2,300 daily flights on after the third one-day strike by IALPA.
July 20: Ryanair cancelled 24 of around 2,300 daily flights after a second one-day strike by IALPA.
July 12: IALPA’s 95 members out of Ryanair’s 350 pilots bases in its home country of Ireland went on strike for the first time seeking 11 demands on procedural issues such as promotions and choice of summer holidays. IALPA also seek to negotiate terms on behalf of all 4,000 Ryanair pilots.
March 29: Ryanair cancelled dozens of flights to and from airports in Portugal when cabin crew union SNPVAC staged three one-day strikes on March 29, April 1 and April 4.
Feb 10: Three Italian unions representing mainly cabin and ground crew staged a four-hour strike because they were not included in contract negotiations with Ryanair, with little affect.
Dec 22: Ryanair’is first ever pilots strike on December 22 when pilots in Germany held a four-hour walkout with little impact on flights.




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