Take a hike – Explore brings its team to Dublin to launch 2018 global adventure programme


Bear-searching in Slovakia, hiking in Armenia, or walking through Newfoundland – the Explore team brought glimpses of lesser-visited corners of the globe on a visit to Dublin.

The aventure specialists’ Product and Operations Director, John Telfer, brought a big chunk of his London-based team to Temple Bar to introduce the 2018 Walking & Trekking Programme, including 12 new trips.

Explore’s Cycling Director, James Adkin, briefs the media as adventure specialist Explore introduces its 2018 Walking & Trekking Programme, including 12 new trips, at La Caverna restaurant, Temple Bar, Dublin

And there’s a wide range of itineraries – with Telfer himself just back from one of its odder expeditions, which includes a visit to the ghostly lands of the Chernobyl zone in the Ukraine.

Travellers who book before November 6 can save 5pc of any of the new trips, which include Rajasthan Village Trails, visiting deserts, forts and hills in India. One of the more interesting expeditions is to the Caucasus, visiting the mountains of Georgia and meeting the Svantian people in their remote villages. There’s also staples like a luxury lodge trip to Nepal, a walk through Ghana, or closer to home, a hike around Lake Garda and through the vineyards of the Prosecco Hills.





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