‘That hour between 6am and 7am is critical.’


Flight restrictions are nonsense, Michael O’Leary told a press briefing after the Ryanair AGm in Dublin. 

“It means that now there’s less flights between the hours of 6am and 7am than there was with two runways than there was when there was only one runway,” he said.

“It’s a nonsense planning condition, it should be amended. If you want to reduce noise at Dublin airport, it should be done by measuring noise, not by restricting the number of flights,” he added.

“And that hour between 6am and 7am is critical. That’s when most of the transatlantic planes arrive over here. We can’t send those transatlantic flights to Manchester or to Glasgow. It’s also the hour when all most of our first wave departures leave, so it’s critical,” he stressed.

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