Tourism Ireland exceeded target in 2018 to reach 11.2m visits

  • Visits up 6pc
  • Spend up 10pc

Tourism Ireland exceeded its target by 4.6pc in 2018 to reach a record 11.2m visits, up 6pc on 2017 and more than the anticipated 10.8m. Combined tourism spend was €6.1bn, slightly ahead of the anticipated €6bn.

The Fill your Heart with Ireland campaign will roll out in the coming weeks in Britain, France, Germany and the USA.

At a briefing in the Tourism Ireland offices today, Niall Gibbons said access announcements for 2019 augur well for the continued success of overseas tourism.

Target for 2019 is 11.67m visitors, up 4.5pc, and spend of €6.5bn, up 6pc.






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