Travel News from the Aviation Industry November 29 2015


EasyJet suspended flights to Sharm until next year.

SeaWorld San Antonio revamped their ticketing policy to make Aquatica water park a stand-alone attraction.

Initial figures show the attacks in Paris are having a major impact on tourism.

The UN agency that oversees global aviation will focus on airport security at a meeting in March.

Chinese billionaire Liu Yiqian can now fly free in first class, with his whole family, anywhere in the world, for the rest of his life because he bought a painting with his Amex card.

easyjet a320
Iberia Express
 will operate Cork to Madrid 2w, Saturdays and Wednesdays, from June 18 until September 2016.

The hunt for the missing Malaysian airliner has shifted to a remote part of the Indian Ocean where a British pilot believes the Boeing 777 made a controlled ditching last year with 239 people aboard.

The US federal government has rebuffed Air Canada‘s plea to be compensated for a portion of the more than $100m the airline says it has spent over the last five years to accommodate gun-toting sky marshals on its flights.

Etihad opened a crew briefing centre at its hub in Abu Dhabi.

LAX is building a ultra VIP terminal for celebrities to avoid paparazzi, for a modest fee of up to $1,800 per flight.

CityJet reduced its pretax losses by 21pc in 2014 to €30.5m.airport security

Airbus patented a detachable cabin that allows passengers to be seated at the gate and then attached to the aircraft.

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