US Embassy vows to clear up Travel Bug J-1 Mess

  • US embassy vows to clear up Travel Bug J1 Visa mess
  • Passport/visa collection will be at 2pm and must be in person

Caroline Joyce of Travel BugCaroline Joyce of Travel BugChanges in the J1 visa scheme had caused surprisingly few problems until now for students and the agencies who process most of their applications,

Sayit and USIT. This week, however, problems arose with applications made through with Caroline Joyce‘s Castlebar agency Travel Bug Ltd and, more specifically, their independent US programme sponsor, American Work Adventures.

The US embassy said that Irish J-1 Summer Work and Travel applicants who apply for visas between May 23 and June 17, and whose visas are approved, will be permitted to collect their passports from the US Embassy in Ballsbridge within two working days after their scheduled interviews.

Passport/visa collection will be at 2pm and must be in person. In a small number of visa applications, additional administrative processing may be required. If that situation applies to any J-1 SWT applicant, US Embassy Dublin will contact the applicants immediately. From this year applicants have to provide evidence of a pre-arranged job in the United States as part of their J-1 applications.

Listen to discussion on RTE’s Liveline on Wednesday (listen here), Thursday (listen here) and Friday (listen here).

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