Valencia Region came to Dublin last Tuesday night!


While Travel Extra Editor Kevin Flanagan was unable to attend an event celebrating Valencia last week, he heard back it was a great success   

Sometimes the gods are not with you and a stomach bug laid me flat last Tuesday. But I heard from colleagues that the evening at The Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin hosted by the Spanish Tourism Office, the Region of Valencia Tourism Office and the Hospitality Federation, as well as the Valencia Region Chamber of Commerce, was a BIG success. (I hope to be well enough to enjoy the Picasso celebrations this week!)

Guests had the opportunity to discover different aspects of the Region of Valencia, starting with a wine-tasting and pairing of Valencian products, followed by a networking cocktail dinner with gastronomic tastings prepared by three Michelin-starred chefs from this Region.

The Valencia Region – “Comunitat Valenciana” – is a privileged destination, due to its landscape, its heritage and its recognized gastronomic excellence and its local produce that makes this territory one of the Mediterranean´s paradises.

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There are many reasons to visit the Valencian Community, Valencia Region, but without a doubt, one of them is to enjoy its gastronomic tourism. Their restaurants, the orchard, the markets, the garden produce and their fresh products.

Aside from having wonderful cultural and leisure offers, in the last years, Valencian gastronomy is experiencing its finest moment with the celebration of the Michelin Awards last year in Valencia, the Repsol 2023 Gala in the city of Alicante or the announcement of the celebration of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards in 2023 in Valencia.

The evening of 22nd November began with the presentation of Comunitat Valenciana and its experiential tourist offer through a wine-tasting and pairing of Valencian products directed by the oenologist and sommelier Pedro Olivares. 

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That was followed by a gastronomic tasting by the Michelin Star chefs Begoña Rodrigo (from La Salita Restaurant, in Valencia), Miquel Barrera (Cal Paradís Restaurant, in Vall d’Alba in Castellón) and Cristina Figueira (El Xato Restaurant in La Nucia, in Alicante).

Those three chefs whose restaurants all have a Michelin Star, were accompanied during the tasting by the sommelier Francisco Cano (El Xato restaurant) and José Puentes (CdT de Castellón) who was in charge of preparing the desserts.

Guests had the opportunity to discover different aspects of these three regions and to taste dishes such as Onion Royal, Vegetable Parsnip Noodles with Raw Cow’s Milk Cream and Kimchee by Begoña Rodrigo, Arrocito de Castelló, Rice with Sepionet from La Punta, Shrimp, Monkfish and Artichoke by Miquel Barrera or the Rice with Squilla Mantis Shrimp from Altea, and medlars from Callosa d’En Sarrià or Cuttlefish and Almond Gazpachuelo by Cristina Figueira.

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Clodagh Dooley

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