‘Back to Business’: Darija Reic, Croatian National Tourist Board UK Representative Office


In the first part of ‘Back to Business’, our new weekly series of interviews with the travel industry, Clodagh Dooley speaks to Darija Reic, Director of Croatian National Tourist Board UK Representative Office, about how Croatia is preparing for incoming tourists

Darija Reic

Croatia’s borders have started opening since 11th May and the Croatian National Tourist Board is already seeing a steady flow of eager travellers coming in.

“Croatia is one of the few Mediterranean countries in which inbound visitor numbers have been growing and tourist traffic is currently recording solid numbers,” says Darija Reic, Director of the Croatian National Tourist Board UK Representative Office, which consists of 3 UK employees and over 100 worldwide. “Along with Slovenia and Slovakia, we continue to record the lowest number of infected people from Covid-19 per million inhabitants in Europe. 

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“We have a sufficient number of different accommodation facilities to ensure social distancing options. And tourist staff are adhering to epidemiological measures, as the health and safety protocols against the coronavirus throughout the country are set at a high level and all the prerequisites and conditions for a safe tourist summer are provided.”

Darija says that due to Covid-19, the company has had to adjust its future plans and adapt to the new situation in the context of international travel. “During the pandemic, the Croatian National Tourist Board created campaigns and maintained the visibility of Croatia through the media and social networks, which is evident in the fact that there are currently just under 250,000 guests in the country.

“Looking to the future, we are excited to be able to continue to maintain Croatia’s image as a diverse and most of all, a safe destination.”

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The first destination Darija will be travelling to after lockdown is Zagreb, for work purposes. “Despite it being for work, nevertheless I am very much looking forward to spending some time at the Dolac food market and strolling along Zagreb’s many parks. I’ll also visit one of its many quirky museums, such as The Museum of Broken Relationships and Museum of Illusions.”

For Irish travellers looking to book flights somewhere soon, Darija advises keeping an eye on Croatia.hr for the most up-to-date information. “And please be sure to fill out your travel information via entercroatia.mup.hr/ to ensure seamless travel and border crossing.

“This is a great opportunity to visit the most popular Croatian destinations and tourist sites that are otherwise full of tourists at this time of year. Now, travellers can visit with fewer crowds, providing for a really unique, even more ‘local’ feeling to the destination.”

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For up-to-date information on travel to Croatia, visit croatia.hr/en-GB





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