Benefits of booking a holiday with a travel agent


The Irish Travel Agents Association believe that booking with a licensed, bonded travel agent is the best choice for consumers, writes Clodagh Dooley

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The Irish Travel Agents Association (ITAA), which represents Ireland’s travel industry, are encouraging consumers to book with ITAA member travel agents as international travel begins to reopen, due to the numerous benefits offered to consumers throughout every stage of their holiday. This particularly came to light during the pandemic.

ITAA member travel agents offer their clients a high level of expert advice regarding destinations, transport, accommodation and transfers, tailored to the consumer’s specific needs and requirements. Booking with an ITAA member travel agent also guarantees a wide range of choice in terms of airlines, tour operators and suppliers.

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In addition to this, travel agents take the hassle out of booking a holiday by searching for the best value, negotiating rates, processing bookings and organising tickets and checking in, all on behalf of the customer to ensure that they have a smooth and pleasant travel experience.

All travel agent members are financially guaranteed to trade in the Republic of Ireland and consumers who book with ITAA agents are guaranteed protection under the European Package Travel Directive (PTD), which is not guaranteed when booking ‘do-it-yourself’ holidays.

Pat Dawson, ITAA CEO, stated, “Our member travel agents offer a level of service and consumer protection which cannot be matched by DIY holiday bookings. Not only does using a travel agent offer a wide range of choice and take the hassle out of booking a holiday, but we also offer added consumer protection. Customers of ITAA member travel agents are automatically protected under the Package Travel Directive, whereas airlines are not bonded and therefore cannot offer the same protection as a travel agent if bookings are disrupted or cancelled, or if the airline collapses.”

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He continued, “Our members provide up-to-date, expert advice to all clients who have booked with an ITAA member travel agent. Customer safety and satisfaction is the number one priority for ITAA member travel agents, and we continue to work hard to get the very best deals for our valued customers. We have been working hard to ensure customers are satisfied since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, and will continue to do so as we emerge from this situation.”

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