Cork Airport Begins €40 Million Capital Investment In Critical Infrastructure


Starting this week, Cork Airport is upgrading and enhancing critical infrastructure, writes Shauna McCrudden

In order to prepare for strong growth to take off from the end of November into 2022 and beyond, Cork Airport is investing over €40 million between 2020-2022. This is the biggest investment in Cork Airport since the construction of the new terminal, multi-storey car park, maintenance and other buildings and roads in 2005/06.

Cork Airport is now undertaking the reconstruction of its main runway over the next 10 weeks, which started from last Monday, September 13th. This is along with the upgrading of the airport’s approach, airfield and ground lighting, runway edge and centreline lighting, together with all of its drainage and ducting systems. Cork Airport will reopen on the morning of November 22nd following the completion of these works.

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As part of this capital programme, Cork Airport is also investing in the construction of a new Electrical Sub-Station for the airport in early 2022. All of these projects have sustainability and green energy-efficiency as a priority. Cork Airport has also recently completed an upgrade of its Hold Baggage Security screening system at the airport. to ensure that checked-in baggage complies with the latest and highest international standards.

Colas, with its Irish head office located in Maynooth, was awarded the main runway contract following an extensive EU tender process. The project to reconstruct the main runway is being supported by Government funding of €10 million from the Department of Transport, announced in November 2020.

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The reconstruction of Cork Airport’s main runway will be the fastest large-scale construction project undertaken in the State in recent years. It will take 12 months from funding approval to the completion of the main works – encompassing EU tendering, design, regulatory approvals and construction.

Niall MacCarthy, Managing Director at Cork Airport, said, “All of us at Cork Airport welcome this investment and are fully committed to a strong, growing and vibrant airport into the future.”

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