CSO wants mobile phone data for tourism statistics

  • CSO seeking changes to EU law
Padraig Dalton, Director General of the CSO

Padraig Dalton, Director General of the CSO

The Central Statistics Office, Ireland’s national statistical office, is looking for a change in EU law that would allow it to use mobile phone data for tourism statistics, without having to request the permission of the owners of the mobile phones. Concerns exist over use of such data because of the potential for security risks if the data is not adequately made anonymous before processing.

This could produce information on, for example, whether people from particular countries visit different areas in a  particular destination, destinations which are not visited by people from particular areas etc.

Richard McMahon, the assistant director general of the CSO said: “When [mobile data]is used to build aggregate statistics, it can help fill in the gaps as has been demonstrated in other countries such as the Netherlands and Slovenia”. 






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