EU Digital Covid Certificate implemented today in all 27 EU nations except Ireland


Michael Collins of flew back to Ireland using the new EU Digital Covid Certificate, writes Shauna McCrudden

DCC Digital Covid Certificate at Vienna Airport

On 2nd July, Michael Collins, M.D. of, flew from Vienna to Dublin using the new EU Digital Covid Certificate, documenting his experience. The EU Digital Covid Certificate (EU DCC), was officially implemented on Thursday, July 1st, in all EU nations, except Ireland. Ireland is waiting to adopt the EU Digital Covid Certificate until July 19th, or later.

The Certificate facilitates safe, free movement of Europe’s citizens without the need for testing or quarantine.

The certificate can be either paper or digital in format, and can be saved in an app or on a smartphone. Being already partially vaccinated, Michael Collins was required to present a negative PCR result to get the EU DCC.

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To obtain the EU Digital Covid Certificate, passengers must present one of the following:

  1. a medical cert to prove you have recovered from Covid-19
  2. proof that you are fully vaccinated
  3. a negative PCR test result

Europe started working on this project back in November 2020. Ireland, which already has the most restrictive travel protocols in Europe, has delayed implementation of the Digital Covid Certificate until July 19th. There are indications from the Government this date will be missed and implementation delayed again, leaving Ireland even further behind its European neighbours.

When Michael Collins landed in Dublin the QR code on his certificate was not scanned. The certificate was manually read and he was still required to complete a Passenger Locator Form, quarantine at home and take another PCR test on day 5.

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Michael documented his experience in the video below:

“It is great to see Europe working as one to get the Digital Covid Certificate up and running,” says Michael. “It is a real pity Ireland has chosen not to fully participate.”

Even though Ireland won’t introduce the certificate until later this month, from July 1st, the EU DCC is accepted for inbound travel to Ireland.

I, for one, can’t wait to have the EU DCC and get travelling again!

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