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Travel Extra Editor-in-Chief Kevin Flanagan talks about attending the German National Tourist Office UK & Ireland’s Press and Trade Networking Event 2022 on 25th October

L-R: Charles Wilson of the German National Tourist Office UK & Ireland, award-winning travel writer and TV presenter Ed Finn, and Kevin Flanagan, Editor-in-Chief of Travel Extra

The networking event, hosted by Charlotte Becker, Charles Wilson, and Nicole Thorpe from the German National Tourist Office UK & Ireland took place this week – and a great night was had by all! 

Indeed, all the movers and shakers in the Irish travel business were there. I met my good travel companions Ed Finn, Kevin Gleeson, and Tom Sweeney. As well as award-winning travel writer Catherine Murphy, Joan Scales, and the effervescent Aileen Eglington among a throng of media attending.

Kevin with travel writer Kevin Gleeson

We were treated to a tour de force presentation that showed all there exactly why Germany is such a magnet for travellers from around the world – from holidaymakers to business trips and more.

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Nicole and Charles made the presentation and we learnt about Christmas 2022 activities, and highlights for 2023. And how nature and sustainability are playing such a big role in a nation that was always at the forefront of environmental responsibility. Now, even the Christmas Market lights are being seen through the lens of sound practice in light of the energy crisis.

Charles even shared news on a development dear to his heart – Ruhr Football. This is making use of the deep interest Germans have in their football heritage, and how communities and industry are creating activities around football in Germany – fascinating activities for both football fans and non-fans!

Kevin met lots of esteemed members of the press on the night including Kieran Walsh of the Munster Express

Highlights for 2023 include the Bavarian State Orchestra celebrating 500 years and the Beatles Festival in Hamburg from 30th June – 1st July.

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We also learnt that Germany is home to the highest density of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world! 

This year, I have been lucky enough to visit Nuremberg, Bayreuth, Rothenburg, Schweinfurt and the Franconian wine country – and it was one of the most wonderful trips I’ve ever had.

Here’s to encouraging our many Travel Extra readers to explore more of Germany in 2023!

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