ITIC predicts 5.3m non-car tourists are on their way, but how are they going to get around rural Ireland?

  • ITIC sees growth in non-car tourism
  • Rural transport systems need to be integrated

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Eoghan O'Mara Walsh, CEO of ITIC

Eoghan O’Mara Walsh, CEO of ITIC

Weaknesses in the Irish public transport system continue to frustrate and deter tourists, a report for the Irish Tourist Industry Confederation concludes.

The report notes the growth in non-car tourism and anticipates there could be 5.3m non-car tourists in Ireland by 2020.

The report notes Ireland is behind its mainland European competitors in public transport facilites and says rural transport providers need to integrate scheduled services with key tourism facilites.

ITIC’s findings point to significant potential for growth from tourism for Ireland’s public transport operators and network.

Strategic issues impacting the supply and demand from a tourism perspective were looked at and international comparisons of best practice were analysed.

The Irish Tourist Industry Confederation analysis of public transport and its potential for tourism in Ireland was prepared for ITIC by CHL Consulting Company Ltd.

ITIC says there has been considerable investment in Ireland’s public transport in recent years with a resulting improvement in infrastructure, rolling stock and services. This is set to continue with the Cross City Luas and Metro North, amongst other planned developments.

ITIC Public Transport Tourism Review June 2016


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