New innovative staycation insurance exclusively covers Covid-19


Blue Insurance, Ireland’s favourite provider of travel insurance, has launched providing exclusive cancellation and curtailment cover for ‘Staycations’, writes Clodagh Dooley

Ciaran Mulligan and Craig Doyle celebrating the launch of, Ireland’s first insurance product to cover any future Covid-19 related cancellations for Ireland or UK staycations

There’s no doubt that more people will be spending their summer holidays in Ireland this year. I’ve already started planning my staycation and hope to get to Clare and Galway before the summer is out. But, of course, I want some peace of mind when booking, as Covid-19 continues.

Blue Insurance’s, can provide this peace of mind. The new product provides cancellation cover for holidaymakers taking a staycation in Ireland or the UK and exclusively covers the insured for cancellation or curtailment, including if the insured is diagnosed with Covid-19. The cover also includes protection against hotel/accommodation closure due to an outbreak of Covid-19 on the premises.

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This is the first insurance product on the market to offer cancellation cover for a Covid-19 diagnosis and starts from €7.99 for four-day cover. The cover, which must be purchased at least 17 days prior to your accommodation check-in date, gives holidaymakers the added security and peace of mind to book a staycation whilst the Coronavirus pandemic continues. also covers the insured for all irrecoverable and unused accommodation and public transport travel costs, if their staycation trip is cancelled or curtailed due to serious illness or injury, home burglary, or a court summons. The product offers two levels of cover, Premier Cover with €750 worth of cancellation cover per booking and Premier Plus Cover providing €1,500 of cancellation cover. The policy covers persons up to 79 years.

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Ciaran Mulligan, Managing Director of Blue Insurance, which is now part of the CoverMore Group says, “In light of the current Covid-19 pandemic, we expect to see a big increase in the number of people taking staycations in Ireland and the UK this year. Blue Insurance continues to be innovative and offers an exclusive solution with, providing cancellation cover for Covid-19 at a time when we are seeing most insurers move to exclude all claims relating to Covid-19.” 

Mulligan adds, “This policy will cover cancellation for licenced accommodation bookings and transportation, if applicable up to the policy limits. So, whether it’s a hotel, adventure park or holiday cottage, gives you peace of mind for your summer or autumn staycation plans.”

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The policy excludes any claim where government regulations prohibit travel or access to the accommodation. For more information, visit or call (01) 903 6915




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