Spain to re-open to tourists in July


Spain’s Prime Minister has said that Spain will open its borders to foreign tourism in July, reports Shauna McCrudden

Around this time of year, I would usually be counting down the days until I could pack my bags and take off on my summer holiday. But with the summer almost upon us, and the sun beaming down at us, holiday plans are still not fully in focus. 

That is, until now. Spain will start to welcome tourists back to the country from July 1st, ending its two-week quarantine policy for overseas visitors. The timetables for the restarting of holiday tourism in Spain offer a real ray of sunshine that things are slowly starting to return to normal. And because Spain was the most popular destination for Irish people for the fourth year in a row, according to the AA Travel Insurance survey in 2019, I know the Irish will be particularly pleased by this.

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Last Saturday, Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, said that Spain would open to foreign tourism only in safe conditions. 

“Tourists can already plan their vacations in our country,” says President Sanchez.  “The Spanish government will guarantee that tourists will not run any risks and that they will not bring any risk to Spain.”

While the quarantine for foreigners will be lifted, as of July 1st, tourists will still be subjected to health security measures at the points of entry.  

The Minister for Tourism Reyes Maroto highlighted, “The most important thing is not to take steps backward in the gradual easing of restrictions. We have availed of all the technology tools available in the fight against COVID-19. The opening up to international travel must be gradual, in step with the same stages as the individual regions, and must be the same for everyone.”

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A series of guides were published for companies and providers in the tourism sector to prevent the spread of Covid-19. These guides are for when the containment measures are lifted for all tourist sub-sectors, from catering services to beaches to nightlife attractions.

President Sanchez says, “Spanish tourism, in addition to its art, culture, gastronomy, beaches, and landscape, will add two more hallmarks: that of health safety and environmental sustainability. Whoever visits Spain can count on stepping on safe ground, with a health guarantee and commitment to the sustainability of the planet. Spain awaits you from July.”

This hopeful message from Spain and the measures to which they are going for safety will, with luck, teach us all how to get back to business so we can all get back to our travel dreams. I’m really looking forward to seeing the Spanish beaches again, and I know everyone else in Ireland is too.

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There are different phases of the easing of measures in Spain for different regions.  Click here and here to see the maps showing which regions are at which phase. 

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