Tenerife unveils new tourism logo and marketing plan


Tenerife Tourism Corporation aims to appeal to travellers’ emotions in its new tourist image and marketing plan, writes Clodagh Dooley

The Tenerife Tourism Corporation has just unveiled their new Tenerife brand image and positioning at a recent event held in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain – ‘Tenerife awakens emotions!’ The new logo (pictured above), reflects the colours of the sea, in reference to the Atlantic Ocean, and the clear skies above Tenerife. It also incorporates the silhouette of Mount Teide, the destination’s most iconic site. 

With this new image and marketing strategy, Tenerife aims to attract travellers who want to experience a destination, rather than just visit it, and appeal to their emotions through a more personal approach. Joy, authenticity, honesty, spontaneity, complicity, modernity, and vitality are some of the elements represented by the new brand, which also includes values such as pride, social responsibility, equality, inclusion and diversity.

Playa Las Teresitas. Santa Cruz de Tenerife

At the reveal of the new brand, the President of the Cabildo (the island’s institution), Pedro Martín, insisted on the confidence in the pace of vaccination on the island, so that it can return to “the place it deserves”. He stressed that there have been 53 million online searches for Tenerife as a destination in the last three months; for which he highlighted the commitment to investment in the sector “because investing in tourism is investing in the future”.

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The Minister of Tourism, Reyes Maroto, endorsed the island’s commitment to sustainability and digitalisation, “pillars that inspire the plan for competitiveness and modernisation that the Spanish Government is going to finance with European funds, and from which Tenerife will be able to benefit, because it is aligned with the plan presented by the island today”.

The event, held in the Tenerife Auditorium Adán Martín, included a sequence of audiovisual pieces to explain the objectives of the new communication and promotion plan. The well-known Tenerife actor, Álex García, ambassador of the island, was included in the presentation encouraging people to enjoy the destination through feelings and emotions.

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The president of the island’s institution, Pedro Martín, endorsed the “exhaustive work carried out by the Tenerife Tourism team to continue promoting a sector in which we have full confidence, with the necessary changes, such as those we are presenting”.

As we get closer to the day when Tenerife will be able to welcome Irish holidaymakers to the island once again (hopefully soon!), you can follow the latest advice for travellers on the Tenerife website and the Hello Canary Islands website. 

You can also check the latest statistics on Covid-19, updated daily, on the Canary Islands Tourism website.


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