TUI BLUE launches pre-loved summer library scheme


With one-in-five of us only reading when we go on holiday getting through an average of 1.9 books each time, TUI’s hotel brand TUI BLUE has launched a book swap scheme at the hotels, writes Shauna McCrudden

In a survey of 1,000 adults commissioned by TUI’s leading hotel brand TUI BLUE, 75% of adults wish they had the opportunity to read more – and one-in-five admit the only time they open a book is on holiday! 

The survey was commissioned to celebrate the introduction of a pre-loved book swap scheme at TUI BLUE hotels this summer. 

Adults read an average of 1.9 books on our annual holiday, with favourite genres including romance (45%), mysteries (41%) and thrillers (37%). The research also revealed women as being more avid holiday readers compared to men. But across the board, 30% of us admit to changing it up and reading different types of books on holiday.

Nearly 8% admit to having more confidence about book choices when on holiday, reading subject matter they’d be too embarrassed to read when at home. And whilst 5% would feel ashamed of reading a romance book on public transport back home, it’s the most likely choice for those wanting a different read by the beach.

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Craig Morgan, Head of TUI Ireland, comments, “Finding the time to relax is so important and losing yourself in a book is the perfect way to escape and unwind. In day-to-day life, it can be easy to get wrapped up in what you’re doing from minute-to-minute, and hard to make time to get stuck into a book. And when do you have more quality time to unwind than on holiday? 

“Whether on the flight to get there, on a sun lounger round the pool or whilst savouring a cool drink in the shade, holidays provide the time and space to create those ‘me moments’ it’s difficult to find at home.”

The study found 70% are too busy with family to read very much – or at all – in their day-to-day lives. For 16%, there are other pastimes that take priority, while 25% are too busy with their work goals. But when they do dive in for a read, seven in 10 (74%) are still faithful to good old-fashioned paper books, with only 14% preferring e-readers.

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We’re also a country of book lenders and borrowers, with 91% happy to donate a book they have read and loved for someone else to enjoy, and 73% happy to hit up friends and family for some fresh reads before they go away on holiday.

Craig adds, “Book-borrowing is a growing trend and it’s something we’ve certainly seen in our hotels, with guests leaving reads for other holidaymakers to enjoy. This summer, we’re making it super easy for people with a new book swap scheme in a number of our top destinations. Pick up a pre-loved book and share a few words of recommendation – or warning – with a personal note saying why you loved or hated your read.”

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With 100+ hotels now under the TUI BLUE banner and ambitious global growth plans, the brand has a number of interesting initiatives for customers in the pipeline. The TUI BLUE Book Swap will be operating in selected hotels across Europe this summer.  





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