CSO’s first half results to June show visits to Ireland up 6.6pc and revenue up 9pc

  • Revenue outpacing growth in tourism numbers 
  • Visits up 6.6pc revenue up 9pc
  • Holiday makers up 11pc revenue up 12pc
  • Britain slowdown hits both visitor numbers and revenue

Padraig Dalton, CSO

CSO figures indicate revenue from overseas visitors to Ireland grew by 9pc in the first half of 2018. Total overseas visitors grew by 6.6pc. Holiday visitor numbers grew by 11pc; and revenue from holidaymakers grew by 12pc.

  • North America grew 11.4pc in visitors and 10pc in revenue.
  • Europe grew 10pc in visitors and 12.7pc in revenue.
  • Britain grew 2pc in visitors after a sharp decline in 2017 and 1pc in revenue.

Spending by visitors from North America and Europe to Ireland outpaced British visitor spend in the first half of the year. 

Tourism Ireland will announce nest week their autumn campaign, to promote late season holidays and boost travel into the early part of 2019. 

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