Dog-tor Livingston, I presume? Scotland crowns ambassadog.

  • In the face of ruff competition, George the golden retriever is titled ‘Scotland’s Ambassadog’ of 2016
  • 1 in 3 holidaymakers in the UK surveyed by Visit Scotland say their holiday choices are based around how suitable the destination is for their pet

George Livingston the golden retriever has been titled Scotland’s Ambassadog. Hailing from Glasgow, the dog has decided not to rest on his laurels- understandable for a one year old. He has seen everything from Dundas Castle (by special invitation no less) to Callanish Standing Stones, Edinburgh Film Festival to every self-respecting dog’s favourite occasion, lunch. The Big Lunch, an occasion for people in a neighbourhood to get together and eat, held in this case in Kelvingrove Park.

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A tip of the hat to the runners up- Sydney, the Edinburgh pug (owned by Kristyn Lavery), Cassie, the East Lothian patterdale (owned by Andrew and Carol Duff), Manny, the thane- sorry, border collie of Fife (owned by Vicky Gorn), Bertie, the Aberdeen fox terrier (owned by Dr Gail Riekie), Blaze, the border collie from Isle of Skye (owned by Steve Millar), Cluaine, the Jack Russell from Inverness (owned by Micky Jones), Casper, the Westie from Edinburgh (owned by Samantha Grant),  and Kaylee Robertson’s shetland sheepdog Fenton. No, not that Fenton.

Follow George’s Instagram adventures here, or read more here on his travels around Scotland. If you’re looking to follow in his pawprints with your own canine, read here or here for advice on finding accommodation, pet friendly days out, and which pubs will accept them (and how to keep them that way!)

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