So farewell then Club 18-30, here is Anne Cadwallader’s review of the brochure for 2012 for Travel Extra



  • Anne Cadwallader reviewed the Club 18-30 brochure for 2012 for Travel Extra
  • The Club 18-30 rep has seen it all before

Anne Cadwallader of Travel Extra

There are those who would rather watch paint dry or get their toenails pulled out – but there are also those who would actually enjoy a Club 18-30 holiday.  And your clients could be amongst the second gang!

They’ve been providing a particular niche market with what it wants for generations now – and still sending party-goers by the thousand to San Antonio (Ibiza), Puerto Banus (Costa del Sol), Majorca, Zante (Greece) and Turkey (amongst other hot-spots).

If you’re the parent of a teenager who wants to go and party like mad for two weeks this summer, at least you’ll know that the Club 18-30 rep has seen it all before and will be well capable of managing whatever life throws at him/her.

The hotels offer more than just the usual entertainment and they are all located close to the clubs and beaches that are the big draw for teenagers and twenty-somethings.

The Club 18-30 brochure has loads of details the kids want to know about, like which celeb parties in which resort, how much you can expect to pay for cocktails, where the hippest dance spots are and what happens there (drinks in buckets, hot DJs – you can guess the rest).

Don’t expect any details about nearby archaeological sites or art galleries, that’s all.

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