TripAdvisor ranks Oslo as world’s most expensive city

  • TripAdvisor ranks Oslo as world’s most expensive city.
  • Six European nations are in the top ten; three North American; and one Australian.

TripAdvisor has ranked Oslo right at the top of the list of the world’s most expensive cities in a new survey.

The travel information website valued the costs of one night at a four-star hotel, a short taxi ride and cocktails and dinner for two at €444.49.


Oslo, Norway

The Swiss city of Zurich took second place with a cost of €400.19 per day, while Sweden’s capital Stockholm was third with a cost of €399.

New York was the highest North American country on the list with a cost of €394.39 in fourth place. The top five was rounded out by Paris at €391.

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Sydney is the Australian continent’s most expensive destination at €352 per day.


Sydney, Australia

The Times Best City 2016, London, was seventh on the list, with an average daily spend of €345, followed by a third Nordic destination on the list in the form of Copenhagen at €339.1.

North America rounded out the top ten with Cancun and Punta Cana with daily averages of €337.1 and 332.9 respectively.





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