Disney to introduce dynamic pricing based on advance bookings

  • Disney to introduce dynamic pricing
  • Based on advance bookings for a particular day

Disney is to introduce dynamic pricing for both single and multi-day theme park tickets at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

From October 16, 2018, prices will be based on the date of visit to alleviate queues based on anticipated daily demand.

One-day tickets will be valid for admission on the specific date originally booked. Multi-day passes are valid from the date chosen at the time of booking and must be used  within a limited time period, depending on the type of multi-day pass.

Once the prices are set for a given day, they will not fluctuate, unlike airline alogarithms which are based on fluid real time demand.

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Disney introduced three price tiers a in 2016 for single-day tickets based on the season.

Disney said. “This approach to pricing tickets by date is modelled off of consumer demand and is part of our effort to better distribute attendance throughout the year to improve the guest experience,”




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