Dublin Port updates 22 year plan: truly, madly bigger but not so deeply: 10 metres rather than 12 metres

  • Plans for 2040 updated
  • average annual growth rate of 3.3pc instead of2.5pc
  • 10 meters rather than 12 meters deep
  • Capacity of 77m gross tonnes  rather than 60m
  • 44-hectare Dublin Inland Port wil make growth possible

Eamonn O’Reilly CEO of Dublin Port

Dublin Port launched its Masterplan 2040 (Reviewed 2018), updating the long-term development plan for the port first published in 2012.  There are four key changes to the port’s development plans: The port will now be developed based on an average annual growth rate of 3.3pc from 2010 to 2040 rather than the 2.5pc originally proposed in 2012.

The capacity of the port will be increased to cater for a growth to an ultimate capacity of 77m gross tonnes by 2040 rather than 60m gross tonnes as originally proposed in 2012.

This will be accomplished with no further infill into Dublin Bay. The option of increasing port capacity by an eastwards expansion into Dublin Bay has been definitively ruled out.

Where Masterplan 2012-2040 had envisaged deepening the port ultimately to 12.0m, this will not now happen and the current works to deepen the port to 10.0m will be the final deepening of Dublin Port, the end of a process which commenced in the 18th Century with the completion of the Great South Wall

Achieving a higher throughput on a smaller footprint is being made possible by two initiatives:

They say the development of the 44-hectare Dublin Inland Port located 14 km from Dublin Port just off the N2. Work has commenced on the development of Dublin Inland Port and the first facilities are due to be operational there during 2019.

Secondly, the specification of projects to maximise the use of port lands on the Poolbeg Peninsula based on enhanced access via a new Southern Port Access Route including a new Liffey bridge, prospectively solely for Port related traffic.

The port is hoping to develop a cruise terminal to attract more home porting cruise lines..

Interview with Pat Ward re cruise ship developments

Interview with david Dingle re cruise ship

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