‘Irish tourism is not expected to recover to pre pandemic levels until 2026, behind other sectors’

Elaine Fitzgerald, chair of ITIC

Irish tourism is not expected to recover to pre pandemic levels until 2026, behind other sectors, Elaine Fitzgerald told the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation conference in Athlone.

Ms Fitzgerald was launching a key report by the confederation setting out the business case for the sector until 2030. 

“It identifies opportunities and challenges and articulates 38 key actions that industry government and agencies need to take, ms Fitzgerald said. 

“It is our view that by 2030 Ireland will have become one of Europe’s preferred destinations for sustainable nature culture and Hospitality based tourism experiences and will exceed the expectations of its widening customer visit visitor base as well as being a destination for renowned Hospitality delivered by really well-trained and rewarded career professionals.

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The Vision 2030 report is a clear articulation by industry of tourism’s potential for the betterment of business country and Society it is anticipated that government would publish a new National tourism policy in the coming months. 

It is ITIC’s wish that the sentiments and recommendations within this report are duly reflected. 

The size of the prize in terms of tourism’s full recovery is significant so let’s grasp it with both hands and let’s support each other along our journey to being the very best version that we can be when it comes to Irish and world class tourism in 2030.”

“It is the result of an extensive consultation with ITIC members tourism stakeholders and the broader Irish business Community I would particularly like to thank the ITIC board strategy subcommittee and executive for their time and commitment putting together this very important body of work.”

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The report is available here https://www.itic.ie/vision-2030/

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