SeaWorld, Florida introducing Virtual Reality Roller Coaster

  • Seaworld announces new attractions
  • Shift in focus away from animal theatrics, towards conservation and animal husbandry
  • Ocean Explorer- crab isn’t just for dinner
  • Kraken being released for 2017 in updated virtual reality version

SeaWorld Entertainment Inc., the theme park and entertainment company, has announced their 2017 attractions, including the Kraken virtual reality roller coaster. The exising Kraken roller coaster is getting a virtual reality update, with integrated headsets and a plot centered around ancient or mythic sea creatures.

The Dolphin Nursery in Orlando will be getting improved windows to get a better view of the mother dolphins and their offspring. Digital displays have been added to provide more information on animal behaviour, conservation, and biology.

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SeaWorld California are introducing a new theme park with aquariums and rides called Ocean Explorer. No prizes for guessing the theme of this one, centered around the fragility of the ecosystems of the ocean, and, well, exploring. Two species of crabs are being introduced that are new to Seaworld California– spiny spider crabs (appropriately given that their commercial value is thought to be a sign of overfishing), and king crabs (featured on ‘Deadliest Catch’ on the Discovery Channel). Five rides will be present, including for example one where seats are suspended from the tentacles of a giant ‘jellyfish’, and the guests are swung through bubbles.

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SeaWorld California is moving away from the controversial practice of theatrical shows involving orcas and more towards displays that focus on ‘live documentaries’, with the emphasis on enrichment, exercise of, and education on these animals.

If you like bioluminescence, and really, who doesn’t, Electric Ocean may interest you. With bioluminescent lighting, as well as music, the Orlando and California parks are introducing an end-of-day spectacle designed to show to best advantage as the sun sets.

Joel Manby, President and CEO of SeaWorld Entertainment Inc.: “We are extremely excited with the scope and depth of the new attractions and events coming to our SeaWorld and Busch Gardens parks in 2017. In developing new experiences we want guests to have fun, but also be inspired, and our parks are uniquely suited to create meaningful and fun vacations. We want our guests to share experiences that matter, and our 2017 additions truly reinforce that mission.”

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