Stellwagen to pursue legal action against Sirius founders Howard Millar, Edward Hansom, and Edward Coughlan

  • Stellwagen to pursue three Sirius founders
  • Howard Millar, Edward Hansom, and Edward Coughlan
  • Claims they found evidence of start-up in Millar’s file downloads

Howard Millar of Sirius Aircraft Leasing

Aviation-leasing company Stellwagen is to pursue High Court civil action against Howard Millar, Edward Hansom, and Edward Coughlan over their plans to establish Sirius Aircraft Leasing Fund.

The US-Irish company filed the action in October 2017, alleging they were using company data to establish another aviation-leasing company. A letter sent by Stellwagen’s lawyers to Liberum, the company sponsoring the flotation, it is made clear that the aviation firm intends to pursue the three principals.

Stellwagen’s founder, Douglas Brennan, has claimed that the trio were behind the unlawful and clandestine misuse and distribution of commercially-sensitive and highly-confidential material acquired by them during their employment.

Douglas Brennan of Stellwagen

Investigations by a forensic IT company found evidence of an “Airgreen” in Millar’s download folder, the High Court heard last October. Airgreen was the name given to a business venture that proposed to raise $100m in equity. In the Stellwagen letter, the company informs Liberum that it may hold documentation and records relevant to Airgreen and the ongoing proceedings.




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