BA to provide vehicles to transfer passengers at Heathrow

  • Vehicles to transfer passengers direct
  • BA trying to speed up connections

British Airways is improving its connection service at Heathrow. When the airline identifies a number of customers are transferring to the same flight, it will now arrange for a vehicle to transfer them to their next flight. 

Customers who miss or are likely to miss their connection are now being re-booked with British Airways or any of the airline’s oneworld partners while they are=e still in the air.

Heathrow handled a record 78m passengers in 2017, up 3.1pc from 2016. Dublin is its third busiest international route after New York and Dubai.

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The airline says it will identify flights with a large number of connecting customers and direct those aircraft to arrive at the most convenient aircraft stands for the next part of their journey.

The airline already has dedicated connections managers, who monitor all flight arrivals and organise for customers with tight connections to be contacted while they’re in the air and given Express Connect status, and information packs to fast-track them through flight connections and security checkpoints.

This information is relayed to cabin crew who then help customers with their onward journey. They are then met at the aircraft door by connections staff who provide them with their new boarding pass, refreshment vouchers and, if overnight accommodation is necessary, their hotel booking

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