‘Dublin Airport is a peripheral airport on the edge of Europe.’


Dublin is not a major international hub and needs to price itself accordingly, services, Ryanair CEO Michael O”Leary said at the airline AGM in Dublin. 

While Dublin Airport likes to compare itself to Heathrow, that airport is an international hub with a whole range of long-haul services, he said. 

“Dublin Airport is a peripheral airport on the edge of Europe and it needs to price itself accordingly. It is a bit of a joke, you know, Dublin Airport is trying to blow €200m building a tunnel under a taxiway that we don’t need.

“It is another in the long line of Dublin airport infrastructure that’s badly designed, put in the wrong location and massively overspent.I think if Kenny Jacobs cancelled his €200m tunnel, he’d have all the money he needs to recruit more security staff and improve services at Dublin Airport,” Mr O’Leary said.

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Kenny Jacobs, who used to work with Ryanair, has cpalimned Dublin airport is the Lidl and Aldi of airport. Last December the regulator lowered the level of airport charges at Dublin Airport from €8.52 to below €8 for the next four years.

A DAA spokesman said: “We want to have fantastic infrastructure so we can meet the needs of up to 40 million passengers, make the terminals better, and continue to improve the standards of service for our passengers.

“To do all of that, we need to get a modest increase to our ultra-low cost charge to something like €10 or €11, which would mean we would still be infinitely cheaper than any other hub airport our size.”

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