Germany & USA rescue Irish tourist numbers as English visitor numbers decline

Padraig Dalton, Director General of the CSO

Padraig Dalton, Director General of the CSO

CSO figures indicate Ireland’s visitor numbers grew 4.2pc in January-June, double Tourism Ireland‘s growth guidance.

Irish tourism had its best ever June, with strong growth for North America and Germany managing to counter balance a steep drop in Irelands largest inbound market, Britain.

If current trends continue, 200,000 fewer visitors will come to Ireland from England in 2017.

  • Overall numbers up 8pc to 1m.
  • England down 6.4pc to 949k
  • North America up 20.9pc to 629k
  • Australia/NZ up 6.3pc to 54k
  • Developing Markets up 34.5pc to 115k
  • Europe up 10.1pc to 94k
  • Germany up 9pc to 210k
  • France up 2.7pc to 169k
  • Spain up 34.6pc to 135k
  • Belgium/Netherlands up 8pc to 109k
  • Scandinavia up 22pc to 76k

Niall Gibbons CEO of Tourism Ireland

Niall Gibbons of Tourism Ireland welcome the figures coming on the back of a record performance in 2016 and years of solid growth in overseas tourism.

Tourism Ireland says the industry is responsible for 4pc of GNP in Ireland and employs 281,000 people across the island. In 2016 10.3m overseas visitors came to Ireland, delivering estimated revenue of €5.3bn.

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